Keshub Chunder Sen; ed. by Sophia Dobson Collet's Brahmo Samaj: Lectures and Tracts PDF

By Keshub Chunder Sen; ed. by Sophia Dobson Collet

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And I believe, let exceed- There is too much of exclu- and siveness about a native, which limits his thoughts a small compass, beyond which he can feelings within hardly extend them. pursuits, actions. ) national character. of our traits For there are our in striking and numerous instances of honesty and veracity and dealing among the natives which none can dispute. special aptitude for lying in is, that which God it is is say, Any absolutely impossible to countrymen. All that I forgotten and conscience unheeded, and honesty on the is my fair the reckless pursuit of selfish ends, which drives not a few of truth is it discover in the character of can say us views and sympathies and Its aspirations are contracted.

Fellow-countrymen, it is your duty to follow these precepts and imitate this example of self-sacrifice By doing in the cause of truth. so, you remove the great stigma of unprincipled will not only selfishness which attaches to your national character, and learn to regulate your to life by high moral promote you effectually the true welfare of the peculiarly placed. principles, but momentous in crisis will be enabled your country in which it is at present In these early days of Indian reformation, ^vhen a huge mass of old errors and corruptions has to be swept away, and a firm foundation to be laid for a reformed social system, nothing more necessary on our is part than a proper appreciation of the value of truth, a readiness to sacrifice Our selfishness now, in all and our temporal interests for it.

Alas ! a European adventurer in every unfortunate nigger with right to whom upon one who But he ! and maltreating a poor native ? ") the European his this under the infatuating influence of brutal anger ? ) is and trample upon base cowardice. glory do sources is this it he comes in contact. ) overstepping qualities, fact, rough, stern, impulsive, and fiery thinks meekness to be cowardice in In is it Christian zeal? Evidently it is (Ap- neither. If at all anxious for the glory of his country God, he ought to seek it generous treatment of the natives.

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