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By David Wootton

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It is a color picture lead publication for the amateur Bee Keeper. It takes the newbie via their first years of maintaining bees. Explaining the hive, the way it works, and developing a countrywide hive and frames. Chapters additionally conceal the gear you will want and the place most sensible to put your hive. It additionally covers the existence cycle of the honey bee, how one can get your first bees, doing inspections, gathering swarms via to wintering your bees. eventually protecting tips to extract honey and promoting it. The booklet additionally has a thesaurus of bee preserving phrases necessary checklist of web site hyperlinks and a color Pollen Guide.

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One place probably not wise to place your hives is where there is public access. Unfortunately there are idiots who take pleasure in throwing rocks and the like in an attempt to knock over a hive. There have also been reports of hives being stolen, so when looking for a location, try not to choose a place where they are too visible from the road or where the general public have too easy access. Opposite: A tractor lawn mower passing close by hives in a garden. Hints & tips Above: A bee hive in a garden in spring with daffodils in flower.

The queen is larger than all the other bees and can be spotted due to her elongated body and short wings. She likes to stay hidden in the darkness of a hive, so to aid spotting her most beekeepers mark her thorax with a coloured mark. You will soon be able to spot queen cells within your hive, these individual cells, looking like acorns, hang from the bottom or centre of a frame and generally will appear during April, May and June. Royal jelly secreted by the workers is fed to the larvae in a queen cell, once emerged she will fly within 3 days to mate.

Each has its own specific position within the colony. It is a misconception that the queen is the ruler of the colony. The queen is just one part and the workers are not there to serve her, but to work together for the good of the colony. The queens’ only task within the colony is to lay eggs, so that the workers can raise young and thus increase the number of bees. In a healthy colony at the height of summer, numbers within a hive can reach between 50,000 to 60,000 bees. All are workers, except for the one queen and up to 1500 drones.

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