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By Karl Friedrich Siburg

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Easy Cantonese introduces the necessities of Cantonese grammar in a simple and systematic approach. all of the 28 devices offers with a grammatical aspect and offers linked routines, devised to excellent communique talents. distinctive consciousness is paid to themes which vary from English and eu language constructions. good points comprise: transparent, obtainable structure; vigorous examples to demonstrate every one grammar aspect; complete key to workouts; and thesaurus of grammatical phrases.

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Choke: 억제하다, 질식시키다, 폐색부, 운임, 되다. 질식, 마르게 하다, 숨이 막히다, 목이 meaning: 의미, 의의, 목적, 저의, 뜻, 메게 하다, 메우다, 끄다, 숨막히게 의미심장한, 눈초리 따위가 하다, 목졸라 죽이다. 의미심장한. daw: 바보, 갈가마귀. message: 통신, 신탁, 전언, 대통령 double: 접다, 모호한, 쌍의, 교서, 소식, 예언자가 전하는 신탁, 통신하다, 용무, 신호하다, 심부름꾼이 맡은 용무, 대통령의 교서. painful: 아픈, 괴로운, 쓰라린, 고통스럽게, 애써서. pleasure: 기호, 오락, 의지, 쾌락, 즐거움, 욕구, 유쾌, 즐기다, 특히 육체적 쾌락, 육체적 쾌락, 만족시키다. thanks: 고마워요, 감사합니다, 고맙습니다, 감사. 48 Much Ado About Nothing ACT III SCENE I. ] HERO. Good Margaret, run thee to the parlour; There shalt thou find my cousin Beatrice Proposing with the prince and Claudio: Whisper her ear, and tell her, I and Ursala Walk in the orchard, and our whole discourse Is all of her; say that thou overheard'st us, And bid her steal into the pleached bower, Where honey-suckles, ripen'd by the sun, Forbid the sun to enter; like favourites, Made proud by princes, that advance their pride Against that power that bred it.

HERO. He is the only man of Italy, Always excepted my dear Claudio. URSULA. I pray you, be not angry with me, madam, Speaking my fancy: Signior Benedick, For shape, for bearing, argument and valour, Goes foremost in report through Italy. HERO. Indeed, he hath an excellent good name. URSULA. His excellence did earn it, ere he had it. When are you married, madam? HERO. Why, every day, to-morrow. Come, go in: I'll show thee some attires, and have thy counsel Which is the best to furnish me to-morrow.

Well, I am sorry for your niece. Shall we go seek Benedick and tell him of her love? CLAUDIO. Never tell him, my lord: let her wear it out with good counsel. LEONATO. Nay, that's impossible: she may wear her heart out first. DON PEDRO. Well, we will hear further of it by your daughter: let it cool the while. I love Benedick well, and I could wish he would modestly examine himself, to see how much he is unworthy so good a lady. LEONATO. My lord, will you walk? dinner is ready. CLAUDIO. ] If he do not dote on her upon this, I will never trust my expectation.

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