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13 Ross's OCT. 14 Jowett's translation (vol. X of The Works of Aristotle Translated, ed. W. D. Ross [Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1921]). II87a23 (that is, if the work is not actually post-Aristotelian). ) as reported by the fourthcentury medical writer Oribasius. 28 Aristotle In sense it is closely related to 1TapaßoA~, and the two terms appear in proximity on the last page of the Rhetoric. Aristotle suggests that the epilogue of a speech be concluded by a review of the case; the speaker must state what has beensaid and why.

Ad Alex. appears wholly unaware of Aristotle's Rhetoric and quite dependent on Isocrates' T'-XV'Y}. It seems doubtful that Aristotle could have been ignored to such an extent if the Rhetoric had already been written. Cope also accepts, with some reservations, ascription of the work tb Anaximenes. 64 Rhet. ad Alex. 1430b10. 21 Ancient Rhetorical Theories of Simile and Comparison &OtKOVUtV. €'iv ol &VT[OtKOI. To'i5) TvpaVVO(5)· €K€'iVO[ T€ yap . . 65 (TLI430b20ff) The following are maxims based on parallels : "Those~ho appropriate money seem to me to aet very like those who betray eities; for both are trusted and wrong those who have trusted them"; or again, "My opponents seem to me to aet very like tyrants: for tyrants.

O~ OijKOVV J 7]v 0' eycfJ J EOl,K€V 'TO tS' 'TWV cfJpatwv 7TpoacfJ7TOt,S' J KaAWV f1-1j JoTa ytyv€'Tal, lO€tv ö'Tav aij'Ta 'TO äv8oS' 7TpOAt7TTJ;' (Rep. 601 b6-7) Do they [poet' s verses] not, said I, resemble the faces of adolescents, young but not really beautiful, when the bloom of youth abandons them? Aristotle' s discussion of ELKWV now appears in a somewhat different light. His opening paragraph certainly seemed to defme simile, but the examples of €lKwv for which the original wording can be checked suggest that not merely simile but stylistic comparisons in general are Aristotle's subject.

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