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By Thomas R. Trautmann

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This compelling and punctiliously researched reassessment of colonial ethnology, British Orientalism and the Aryan notion, demanding situations many ideologies about the identification and old origins of Indians that are fashionable this present day.

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Page_60 Page 61 uniting Orientalists and their European antagonists (as we shall see in chapter 4). It would be a mistake to overread this consensus or to underrate the element of ancient wisdom in the fascination India held for Jones and to read as merely antiquarian the view that India is only a museum of Europe's discarded past. " The belief in ancient wisdom, that changeless truths were revealed in the past and are recoverable only through the study of the past, is religious in character, and it can occur side by side with a "future wisdom" belief in the cumulative progress of scientific knowledge, as it did in Jones.

The Discovery of Hinduismor Its Invention? Hinduism is a loosely knit assemblage of systems of belief and ritual whose unity was only vaguely evident to the British. With page_66 Page 67 the growing appreciation that there existed a large and ancient literature in Sanskrit which, they came to believe, was the historical source of all the non-Muslim religious systems of India, Hinduism took shape in British minds as the religion of the native Indians, or the Gentoos, or the Hindoos, in distinction from the Muslims; Muslims were regarded as foreign conquerors.

The original human pair was gifted by God with sufficient wisdom and strength to be virtuous and happy, but entrusted with freedom of will to be vicious and degraded. As the population grew, humans dispersed from the place of origin, and forgetting by degrees the language of their progenitor, they formed new dialects to convey new ideas simple and complex. Laws and governments were formed. 5. The three branches of the human family migrated from a central country; call this country Iran. We then have straight lines of outmigration, which do not intersect as they would if the center were placed in Arabia, Egypt, India, Tartary, or China.

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