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By John Whitman

ISBN-10: 0553484559

ISBN-13: 9780553484557

Hoole, Tash, Zak and Deevee head for Kiva, a gloomy international at the Outer Rim. in some way, Hoole understands that's the place Gog's laboratory lies. There, Tash and Zak will eventually study Hoole's negative mystery. and they will come face-to-face with a frightening new creature, the first actual soldier in Gog's military of Terror. The creature is a mix of each certainly one of Gog's terrible experiments, and there's just one approach to defeat him. Can Tash and Zak determine the reply prior to it really is too past due? (Digest)

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Gog started to choke, clawing helplessly at his throat. The Dark Lord intoned, "You are fortunate that the Emperor wants you alive, Gog. " Vader dropped his hand, and Gog collapsed, gulping air. "Take them both," Vader ordered. The stormtroopers rushed forward. "Looks like Gog finally met his match," Zak whispered. "At least he'll never bother us again," Deevee sighed. Tash's eyes went wide. " Still holding his half-crushed throat, Gog had managed to get to his knees. He pointed at Eppon and, in a rasping voice, wheezed, "Defend me!

Then he started to chuckle. The chuckle turned into a roaring laugh as his eyes burned into them. "Ha! You mean you don't know? You haven't realized yet? " He jabbed one long, bony finger at them. " Zak and Tash realized that he wasn't pointing at them. He was pointing at Eppon. " Gog ordered. Eppon took a step forward, then hesitated. He smiled at Zak and Tash, and started toward them. " Gog snapped. "I said here! " At Gog's second command Eppon hurried obediently to the scientist's side. He crouched down at Gog's feet, and the Shi'ido put one hand on the boy's head as if he were a tame pet.

Zak understood. Through his experiments, Gog had managed to take control of the galaxy's most powerful elements. He had learned to control life and death. But the one thing he had never been able to do was control the Force. "I just hope you can use the Force as effectively as Vader did," Deevee said frantically. As soon as she heard those words, Tash knew that Deevee was wrong. She did not want to use the Force the way Vader had. That was the dark side. She recalled Luke's words: The Force isn't a weapon like a blaster or a lightsaber.

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