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Pleasurable the Army's want for engines of easy layout which are effortless to function and preserve, the fuel turbine engine is utilized in all helicopters of lively military and Reserve parts, and lots of the fixedwing airplane to incorporate the sunshine Air Cushioned motor vehicle (LACV). We designed this subcourse to educate you idea and ideas of the gasoline turbine engine and a few of the elemental military plane gasoline turbine engines utilized in our airplane at the present time. There are not any must haves for this subcourse. This subcourse displays the doctrine which was once present on the time it used to be ready. on your personal paintings state of affairs, continuously confer with the newest courses.

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2 38. The powershaft is attached inside the compressor rotor sleeve and rotates with it. 2 39. Compressor bleed air flows through passages in the axial compressor housing. SEVENTH GROUP About the combustor assembly on the T53, your text tells you that: 2 40. It is located forward of the diffuser housing assembly. 2 41. The turbine assembly includes the N1 assembly and the N2 assembly. 2 42. The combustion chamber drain valve remains open throughout engine operation and closes at engine shutdown.

Main and start fuel manifolds at the rear of the combustion chamber assembly. SECOND GROUP Which of the following statements about the sections of the T55­L­1l are true and which false? 3 11. The compressor has a seven­stage axial compressor. 3 12. The divergent shape of the diffuser decreases air pressure and increases velocity. 3 13. The struts between the inner and outer air inlet housing are hollow, with passages for oil and accessory drive shafts. 3 14. The combustor has 14 fuel nozzles in each one of its two main fuel manifolds.

3 21. Fuel flow to the fuel injectors is not affected by ambient air pressure. 3 22. When the fuel pressure switch opens, it actuates the mechanism to start the engine. FOURTH GROUP About the operation of the T62, the reference text tells you that: 2 23. During starting, when the hydraulic starter rotates the compressor, air is drawn into the engine inlet. 2 24. The start fuel solenoid valve is opened when the speed of the APU reaches 75%. 2 25. Power for the reduction drive assembly comes directly from the compressor.

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