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The current e-book is the English model of a monograph 'Die aristotelische Syllogistik', which first seemed ten years in the past within the sequence of Abhand­ 1 lungen edited through the Academy of Sciences in Gottingen. within the preface to the English variation, i'd first prefer to convey my indebtedness to Mr. J. Barnes, now fellow of Oriel collage, Oxford. He not just translated what should have been a tricky textual content with exemplary precision and ingenuity, yet significantly each argument and cost­ ed each reference. whereas translating it, he has more advantageous the booklet. of these alterations which i've got made on Mr. Barnes' advice I observe merely the extra very important ones on pages four, 12, 24sq, 32, 39, 6lsq, and 158. because the moment version of the German textual content seemed in 1963 a few additional experiences were released, or come to my become aware of, which i've got 2 been in a position to utilize in bettering the textual content of this new version. i have to point out right here specially the unique serious discussions of my effects and arguments released by way of Professor W. Wieland within the Philosophische Rundschau 14 (1966), 1-27 and via Professor E. Scheibe in Gnomon 39 (1967), 454-64. either students, whereas agreeing with the most waft and approach to my interpretation, criticise a few of my effects and disagree with a few of my arguments. it'll now not be attainable to debate those technical issues the following with the mandatory thoroughness.

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Lo This practice of simply leaving out the 'relative' operator is logically admissible in the case of 'relative' necessity; but it is not in the case of 'relative' possibility. The following section will show why this is so; the present considerations aim only to make it plain that Aristotle's efforts to distinguish 'absolute' from 'relative' modal operators embraced not only necessity, but possibility as well; and that clear traces of these efforts are in his text. § 7. Logical Objections to Aristotle's Distinction between Two Types of Necessity These peculiarities of Aristotle's language show beyond any doubt that he distinguishes clearly between a 'relative' and an 'absolute' necessity; 21 ARISTOTLE'S THEORY OF THE SYLLOGISM and we have explained how he defines the difference between the two kinds of necessity.

G. euK6c; (17b28). Oppoei (APst. B 16, 98b5-1O). Alexander, In Aristotelis Analyticorum Priorum librum I commentarium, ed. M. WaIlies, Berlin, 1883, p. eYO/lEV01V YV01ptl100-repoc; 0 'te KU'tT]yOpouJ,lSVOC; Kui 6 o1toKeil1evoc;, Kat on 1tp&'tov 'tij cpuaet 'to KU'ta 1tUV'toC; 'toO tv OMp UO't(j) OOC; 1tpoeipT]'tut (cf. tv ilxet. tv 1tiiau 61KUWauVT] ape'tlt. i~. The word "otlvaYOl'Ylt" occurs in Aristotle in a logical sense only in the Rhetoric (r 9, 141Oa22; B 23, 1400b26), where it means much the same as the logical proof ofa proposition.

G. 30a22; 3la13; 33b35. The expression "UVUYKTJ" for the 'relative' operator of the conclusion of a valid syllogism, which predominates in the assertoric logic and is indeed the obvious phrase to use, occurs only six times in the whole of the modal section (30a39; 33a26; 34a35; 34b2l - tOUtOlV 'tE9sv'tOlV UVUYKTJ - 36alO; 35). In four places the 'relative' operator is wholly unexpressed: 33a24; 34a39; 38a34; 39a34-35. 5 These facts about Aristotle's linguistic practice show plainly that not only was he quite clear about the distinction between what he calls 'relative' and 'absolute' necessity, but he also took terminological care, by the choice of different expressions, to avoid the confusion between the two which is particularly liable to occur in modal contexts.

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