Applied Photochemistry: When Light Meets Molecules by Giacomo Bergamini, Serena Silvi PDF

By Giacomo Bergamini, Serena Silvi

ISBN-10: 3319316699

ISBN-13: 9783319316697

ISBN-10: 3319316710

ISBN-13: 9783319316710

This monograph gains what occurs while gentle meets molecules. This edited quantity includes contributions from a global array of members, and it truly is divided into sections representing a variety of rigorously focussed and attached photochemistry issues: power, expertise, drugs, environmental sciences, and artwork. In each one part a number of chapters illustrates appropriate elements of every box, corresponding to man made photosynthesis and solar power conversion (energy), mild emitting units and photochromic dyes (technology), and photodynamic remedy and sunlight filters (medicine). aimed toward scholars of all degrees and researchers lively in photochemistry.

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Natali and F. Scandola Fig. 31 Structural representations of the tetrametallic catalysts WOC1-2. Color code: ruthenium, orange; cobalt, green; tungsten, blue; oxygen, red; silicon (left) or phosphorus (right), gray WOC1 WOC2 Â Ã6þ a Ru4 ðμ À OÞ4 ðμ À OHÞ2 ðH2 OÞ4 adamantane-like core embedded between two divacant [γ-SiW10O36]8- tungstosilicate ligands. The presence of water molecules coordinated to the tetraruthenate core is of fundamental importance to facilitate the PCET steps required for water oxidation; moreover the all-inorganic nature of the polyoxometalate stabilizing ligands gives enhanced robustness towards the harsh conditions required to oxidize water.

Another example of hybrid antenna-reaction center system is A12, developed by Kobuke (Fig. 27) by coupling one of his cyclic porphyrin antenna systems (in this case an hexameric one) to a porphyrin-fullerene charge separating dyad equipped with a tripodal pyridine ligand of appropriate geometry [72]. In this composite system the excitation energy absorbed by the hexameric macrocycle is rapidly and efficiently transferred to the zinc porphyrin moiety of the tripodal ligand (ca 200 ps, 91 % efficiency), after that faster photoinduced electron transfer to the fullerene electron acceptor takes place (ca 120 ps, 94 % efficiency).

To 40 M. Natali and F. Scandola O N H N N N O N N N Ru N N N N H N O N N Ru Ru N N O N N WOC7 O O O N Ru N N N N N N N N Ru N O N N Ru N N O N N WOC8 O Fig. 35 Molecular formulae of triads WOC7-8 studied by Sun and coworkers R N N Co R R N N R WOC9 R= N N WOC10 R = COOH WOC11 R = SO3 N Co O O WOC12 Fig. 36 Molecular formulae of the single-site cobalt catalysts WOC9-11 studied by Sakai and coworkers, and WOC12 studied by Sartorel and coworkers cite some examples, three differently functionalized cobalt porphyrins (WOC9-11, Fig.

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