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6. Methylxylenol Blue ( M X B ) This very sensitive indicator(XXIIl) can be prepared similarly to MTB and XO from the corresponding acid-base indicator, p-Xylenol Blue, by condensation with formaldehyde and iminodiacetic acid. It was first prepared by Cherkesov et al. [89] and named p-Xylenolphthalexon S. With respect to structure, Methylxylenol Blue is more closely related to Methylthymol Blue than to Xylenol Orange; it behaves similarly to them as an acid-base indicator. 3· Sec. l] Compiexometrie Indicators HOOCCH 2 ^ / - ν .

A c c o r d i n g t o our e x p e r i e n c e a v e r y a t i o n f o r improvement of the v i s u a l e n d - p o i n t i s a and P h e n o l p h t h a l e x o n e ( s e e p . 3 3 ) . Svoboda [ l 3 l ] m i x t u r e as most u s e f u l . was p r o p o s e d by s u i t a b l e combin­ m i x t u r e of C a l c e i n recommends a 4 : 1 Sec. 2. 1 ] Complexometric Indicators 47 The pu [132] analysed various batches of the indicator from two suppliers by chromâtography. He recommends purification of a solution in aqueous ethanol (l + 2 ) of the indicator by column or batch chromatography on Y-alumina.

When 10 mg of t h i s m i x t u r e a r e used f o r $0 ml of s o l u t i o n the e n d - p o i n t i s g i v e n by a change from the g r e e n f l u o r e s c e n c e t o a p u r p l e c o l o u r . A d d i t i o n of a few d r o p s of 0 . 0 1 ^ a c r i d i n e s o l u t i o n i s recommended by K i r k b r i g h t and Stephen [ 1 2 9 ] . A m i x t u r e of C a l c e i n and murexide i n the r a t i o 5s2 Bauman [ 1 3 0 ] . A c c o r d i n g t o our e x p e r i e n c e a v e r y a t i o n f o r improvement of the v i s u a l e n d - p o i n t i s a and P h e n o l p h t h a l e x o n e ( s e e p .

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