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Hazrat Nizamuddin quickly showed profound spiritual realization and was named a leader of the Chishti order. He soon decided to withdraw from the crowds of Delhi and retired with a group of followers to a small village outside Delhi named Ghiyaspur where he lived for 60 years. Rivers of wealth flowed daily into the khaneqah, and there were huge donations to the poor and the needy, but the attire of Nizamudeen Auliya (rahmatullahi alaihi) consisted of a cloak and some badly torn clothes. Banquets were held every day, but Nizamudeen Auliya (rahmatullahi alaihi) subsisted on a piece of barley bread and some water for sehri - and sometimes he would not even eat that much, thinking of all the needy who could not even afford this.

Hazrat Ala-ul-Haq Pandwi (the master (Pir) of Maqdoom Ashraf Jehangir Simnani), one of the most famous Sufis of the Chisti order, became his disciple and khalifa. Hazrat Ala-ul-Haq Pandwi married his sister-in-law to Ibrahim. They had one son, who was the most famous Chisti Sufi of Bihar, known as Fariduddin Tavaela Bukhsh (Syed Shah Fariuddin Tavaela Bukhsh Chisti Nizami). He was married to the daughter of Hazrat Ala-ul-Haq Pandwi. He became the khalifa of Hazrat Noor Qutb-e-Aalam Padwi (the eldest son and spiritual successor of Hazrat Ala-ul-Haq Pandwi).

Strong disapproval of mixing with the Sultans, the princes and the nobles. • Exhortation in making close contact with the poor and the downtrodden • Adopting an uncompromising attitude towards all forms of political and social oppression. • A bold stance in favour of Sema, which some considered unislamic. Perhaps this was with the view that this was in consonance with the role of music in some modes of Hindu worship, could serve as a basis of contact with local people and would facilitate mutual adjustments between the two communities.

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