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Al-Mu?ayyad al-Sh?r?z? was once a medieval Arabic-Islamic student and poet devoted to the Fatimid religio-political ideology. leader missionary for his or her Caliph-Imams, he based the dynamic culture of "Fatimid da?wa (religious undertaking) poetry" that flourished after him for 1000 years throughout the succeeding ?ayyib? da?wa and keeps to thrive this present day. This examine examines the way within which al-Mu?ayyad's venture knowledgeable the classy ideas, motifs, constructions, genres, factors, addressees, and aspirations of his poetry. It analyzes the features of al-Mu?ayyad's verse that render it distinct, principally, its use of a special kind of esoteric t?w?l-based non secular symbolism—metaphor, actually, as manifestation, the place what seems to be metaphor is the theological truth of the Imam. This ebook incorporates a huge variety of unique translations.

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24 Al-Mu"ayyad says the vizier himself would come to see his father, rather than the other way around (Sìra, p. 15), a sign of his father’s importance. 25 #4 (pp. 211–14, vv. 58–59), #11 (p. 232, v. 42), #40 (pp. 284–85, vv. 36–38), #41 (p. 287, vv. 29–30), #58 (p. 309, v. 24). 26 #40, pp. 284–85, vv. 36–38. The ˇayyibì dà'ì and historian Idrìs 'Imàd alDìn cites another two verses in the same vein by al-Mu"ayyad and endorses his claim: “His forefathers before him had been in the forefront of the da'wa towards the Imams of the Progeny of Mu˙ammad—upon them be peace—from the time of the concealment, until God made the sun of the caliphate rise from the West and the lands were lit up brightly by it; and on this [theme] the dà'ì al-Mu"ayyad says, addressing the Imam al-Mustanßir bi-Allàh, in a poem in which he says ‘As for Ibn Mùsà and his forefathers, the abodes of their claims are flourishing, for they served you when an unfurling hand had not yet unfurled the banner of the conquests’ ” ('Uyùn, vol.

Another similar sounding nisba that is attributed to al-Mu"ayyad by Óusayn (“Introduction” to al-Mu"ayyad’s Dìwàn, pp. ” However, contrary to Óusayn’s reading of the references he cites for this attribution, “Salmànì” is not actually used in these references as part of al-Mu"ayyad’s nomenclature but rather as a description of him. ) claims that al-Mu"ayyad was “from the progeny of Salmàn al-Fàrisì,” a claim which, in any case, has no other evidence to support it. 19 Al-Mustanßir bi’llàh, al-Sijillàt al-Mustanßiriyya, ed.

Let us renew the familiar time spent with our dear ones; it is dear to us that we visit the dear ones. Patience has become broken of handles after today. Set out and throw excuses aside. Ahwaz was another town in Fars province where al-Mu"ayyad spent many months, perhaps a few times in his youth, and definitely for several periods in mid-life. About this town he writes the following:33 poem year of poem’s composition al-Mu"ayyad’s age (as cited in the poem) hence, al-Mu"ayyad’s year of birth #12, p.

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