Air Flow Management in Raised Floor Data Centers by Vaibhav K. Arghode, Yogendra Joshi PDF

By Vaibhav K. Arghode, Yogendra Joshi

ISBN-10: 3319258907

ISBN-13: 9783319258904

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ISBN-13: 9783319258928

The short talk about basically points of ventilation administration in raised flooring information facilities. to begin with, cooling air supply via perforated tiles may be tested and impact of the tile geometry on circulate box improvement and sizzling air entrainment above perforated tiles can be mentioned. Secondly, using chilly aisle containment to bodily separate cold and warm areas, and reduce cold and hot air blending could be offered. either experimental investigations and computational efforts are mentioned and improvement of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) established types for simulating ventilation in facts facilities is integrated. additionally, metrology instruments for facility scale air speed and temperature size, and ventilation expense size via perforated flooring tiles and server racks are tested and the authors current thermodynamics-based versions to gauge the effectiveness and significance of ventilation administration schemes in facts centers.

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5″). Temperature compensation is included in the sensor. In this sensor the tube length does not affect the pressure measurement as there is no net air flow through the connecting tube. Note that sensors with different ranges and bidirectional differential pressure sensors (which can measure negative pressure) are also available (All Sensors Corp. 2015). Sensors similar to this is packaged in handheld devices such as Alnor AXD610 (TSI Inc. 2015) which conveniently displays the measured values. Manufacturer specified accuracy is ±1 % of the measured value or ±1 Pa, whichever is higher.

2015b). Applied for permission from Taylor and Francis inlets, thus allowing the chiller to operate at higher efficiency level. Air movement through the data center room space also consumes a significant portion of the cooling energy. This depends on the amount of air supplied, and pressure losses due to CRAC cooling coils and perforated tiles present in its flow path. Often, reduction in amount of supplied energy can result in lower energy expenditure on air movement. However, it can adversely affect the thermal field uniformity at the server inlets, and thus may increase energy consumption at the chiller plant.

B) Schematic of a typical server rack. (c) Rack air flow characteristics with posterior cover. (d) Without posterior cover. (e) With posterior cover (source: Arghode and Joshi 2015b). 6a shows typical air flow characteristics for a server rack having integrated fans. A schematic of a server rack is shown in Fig. 6b. The purpose of fan(s) in a rack is to force the cooling air across the rack. Note that a typical rack has multiple servers and fans. However, if we consider the fans to be operating in parallel, we can represent them as a single fan with a higher air flow rate, corresponding to the sum of individual fan flow rates (ASHRAE 2012; Bleier 1997).

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Air Flow Management in Raised Floor Data Centers by Vaibhav K. Arghode, Yogendra Joshi

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