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By Peter James Dyck

ISBN-10: 058526290X

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ISBN-13: 9780836135237

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The problem seemed so big we just sat there overwhelmed. It seemed impossible to help. There was no way to bring all those many pastors to our North American Bible schools or seminaries. There was no way our teachers could go to Russia to teach them. There were too many of them. In addition, we didn't know Russian and they didn't know English. And the government wouldn't allow us to establish a training program anyway. The Russian government was against religion and the church. So training ministers over there or over here just wasn't a good idea, no matter how you looked at it.

Today I saw for the first time with my own eyes what terrible things happen when a person doesn't feel pain. " "Yes, Maria. And I also remember how I felt about shaking hands with those little stubs that were left where the fingers once had been. Maria, do you remember all those strangely shaped shoes? To think that they make almost 500 pairs a year like that! " "Don't you remember? The doctor told us there were 15,000," Maria reminded him. " But she didn't. It would have been unkind. Pedro was hurting enough as it was.

Nearby, a wall-to-ceiling thermometer showed money needed and money raised so far. It all got pretty exciting. One day they realized they had either set their goal too high or hadn't worked hard enough. They were still short of money. Valentine's Day, the day the project was to stop, was fast approaching. What were they to do? They had a meeting. It was short and good. "How many of you," a teacher asked, "think we set the goal too high? " Not a single hand went up. " asked the teacher. " Hands instantly went up.

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