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By Martin R. Zammit

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This paintings doesn't objective to be an etymological dictionary of Qur'anic Arabic, nor does it try to recommend a few new genetic type of the Semitic languages. particularly, it deals insights into the interior lexical relationships attested in a few Semitic kinds inside of Qur'anic Arabic (seventh century AD). The paintings relies on a quantitative research of a considerable corpus of the Arabic lexicon with a purpose to investigating lexical relationships inside a few Semitic languages. Qur'anic Arabic is the resource of a lexical mass comparability workout regarding Akkadian, Ugaritic, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew, Phoenician, Epigraphic South Arabian and Ge'ez. in addition, the lexical hyperlinks pointed out during this examine are in themselves linguistic symptoms of a number of the levels of cultural proximity characterising a few of the Semitic languages.

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The impetus given to archaeological studies during the last century, coupled with the progress registered in Phoenician and Akkadian research as well as the discovery of Ugaritic during the first part of this century constituted a most welcome bonanza for Semitic studies in general and for comparative Semitic research in particular. " 18 Segert 1969a: 205. In the case of Arabic, Cohen, DRS, fasc. , remarks that ". . " 19 In 1748 Schultens published the Clavis dialectorum, a comparative lexicon in its own right.

II and III of Clines' DCH. See also in Barr 1968 a comparison of Syriac and Hebrew verbs (305-07) and the 'Index of Examples' covering 334 lexical entries (320-337). e. since the publication PAST LEXICAL STUDIES 21 brought forward in such studies are invariably supported by evidence from other cognate languages, and from the literary sources. 1 The recourse to Arabic lexical sources Since the publication of Schultens' Dissertatio, comparative semitists have invariably resorted to Arabic in search of possible cognates.

1 Lexicostatistical studies. 52 D. 03 Thus, the resulting rates of retention obtained on the criteria of Classical Arabic need to be considered with great caution and reserve. D. 36 50 1968: 162. Samples of literary Arabic were used in this exercise. 1968: 164. 1959: 68-70. 53 1970: 27. 54 1959: 267-269. 48%. 55 1960: 256-260. 51 52 56 Swadesh calculates the retention rate of his second list of 100 items at 86%. Regarding the above result, Cerulli 1961: 157 states that the results are, in them- PAST LEXICAL STUDIES 27 Reference has already been made to D.

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