1634: The Baltic War (The Assiti Shards) by David Weber, Eric Flint PDF

By David Weber, Eric Flint

ISBN-10: 141652102X

ISBN-13: 9781416521020

ISBN-10: 1416555889

ISBN-13: 9781416555889

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Stearns handed Wood a steaming mug. "Sorry about hauling you up here on such short notice. " After taking a seat, Jesse shook his head. "It'll wait. Besides, that behemoth out there you call a secretary doesn't look like he's the type to cook. " Stearns put down the teapot and leaned back into his seat. "David? Well, believe it or not, he's a professor at the University of Jena. Or was, until he volunteered for government service. He taught rhetoric and languages. Speaks about six, near as I can tell.

Torstensson chuckled. "He wasn't always a scholar, and today he's also one of Achterhof's people. " That was a reference to Axel Oxenstierna, the chancellor of Sweden, who was still fully committed to the general principles of aristocratic rule. "But—" The Swedish general who was the top commander of the USE's army shrugged heavily. "Since one of our prime minister's many foolish whims is a distaste for having a proper military escort, I figure it's just as well to have him surrounded by people like Achterhof and Zimmermann.

After that, it's just no contest. The skirmishers are scattered, not in a solid line with their mates to brace them and their officers right there to hold them steady. And a cavalry charge is scary as all hell. Most of them just took off running. The ones who did try to stand their ground got chopped up piecemeal. " Another unkind look was bestowed on the Swedish general. " "Spare the rod and spoil the recruit," Torstensson said cheerfully. Mike nodded. He wasn't really surprised, though. One of the things he'd come to learn since the Ring of Fire, all the way down to the marrow of his bones, was that if the ancestors of twentiethcentury human beings didn't do something that seemed logical, it was probably because it wasn't actually logical at all, once you understood everything involved.

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1634: The Baltic War (The Assiti Shards) by David Weber, Eric Flint

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